On this page we will cover a few Frequently Asked Questions.

There are many ways PassionPens will be able to help your Church grow and raise more donation funds than ever before. PassionPens are a fantastic way to help boost Church based fund raising events, especially during the many Holidays. PassionPens may also help your Church gain new members and online followers via word of mouth. We put together a webpage that lists a few of the best ways that your Church may benefit from PassionPens, click here to learn more benefits and possibilities!

PassionPen has been in the works for well over 10 years. The story of PassionPen is an absolute miracle and we highly recommend reading our story.

Our patent US9764590B2 was filed in July 2015 and granted in November 2019.

The feedback and support that we have gotten from our local communities have been overwhelmingly positive and wholesome. Our mission is to make sure that every Christian in the world will receive the gift of Blessed Hope.

Individual PassionPen units are packaged in a resealable clear plastic bag and may come with a UPC sticker for inventory tracking if the customer chooses that option. Groups of 300-500 units are packed into inner-cases of which 2-4 inner cases are packed into outer-cases which may be stacked on pallets or shipped in multiple boxes.

Bulk orders of PassionPens may ship in containers ranging from a single large box to several large pallets of boxes, depending on the order quantity. If PassionPens are ordered with custom packaging requirements such as, microfiber cloth bags, lanyards or other addons, then the packaging space required may be more and thus bigger boxes or more pallets may be required to deliver the order.

For example, one standard sized pallet of 10,000 PassionPens without any custom packaging requirements will be 4′ x 4′ and 5′ tall and weigh around 460 lbs.

Yes. Your order is 100% insured from production to destination. If your order arrives damaged, we offer the option to replace damaged or defective units in a timely manner or the option to receive a partial refund for the amount that is damaged or defective.

It may take up to 4 weeks to produce orders under 10,000 PassionPens. It may take up to 8 weeks to produce orders of 10,000 or more PassionPens. We will keep you informed of the order status via email. You may also reach out to us at any time with any questions or concerns to [email protected]

Click the following hyperlink to order a set of (5) PassionPens in Gold, Silver, Wood and Black & White Marble:

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There is an easy (5) step process for customized bulk orders. We have a dedicated page that outlines every step at: passionpen.us/how

Yes you can! Our over-the-phone service allows you to schedule a time for a phone call. We also have the ability to use other communication services such as Google Meet, Zoom, Slack, Discord, etc.

You may schedule a phone call for custom orders by clicking here.

Tracking information will be emailed to you immediately once the product has left the factory. If there is ever any concern regarding the status of the shipment, you may reach out to us at [email protected]

PassionPens use a 1.0mm rollerball replaceable ink cartridge that may be ordered in 3 colors (black, blue and red).

A single PassionPen (without packaging):

• Weight: 19.2 Grams

• Dimensions: 0.54″ thick x 6.1″ tall 2.56″ wide (arms)

PassionPen with full packaging:

• Weight: 28.1 grams

• Dimensions: 0.5″ thick x 6.75″ tall x 2.85″ wide

PassionPens are mad of ABS plastic. They are manufactured and shipped directly from our manufacturing facility in China.

If something is not right with the PassionPens you have received, your options are to physically return the product. We will pay for return shipping. If the error can be fixed quickly then our factory will send them back to you. If the error is severe, you may opt to receive a new batch in place of the old one or to receive a partial or full refund depending on the damages.

We do our very best to make sure that every order that gets placed will go through a strict and thorough quality control inspection process to avoid any problems or errors during production. If there is any issue with your order you may reach out to us by email: [email protected]