25 Ways To Benefit

Grow and strengthen your members by combining PassionPen with your mission and raise more awareness. Listed below are 25 unique and beneficial ideas.

I. The Perfect Fundraising Tool

Capture more attention than ever before!

  1. Add to your store: Sell PassionPens in your store or gift shop to members of your congregation and the wider community.

  2. Use as a Thank-You gift: Show your appreciation for donors by offering PassionPens as a Thank-You gift and displaying them next to your donation button or giving page.

  3. Use as a Raffle Prize: Sell raffle tickets for a chance to win bundles of PassionPens and other items to raise funds and create excitement in the community.

  4. School Fundraiser: Use PassionPens as a school fundraiser by having students sell them to friends and family, or through online fundraising campaigns.

  5. Corporate Sponsorship: Partner with local businesses for corporate sponsorship packages that include PassionPens as gifts for employees or customers while supporting your cause.

II. Amazing For Crowdfunding

Maximize fundraising efforts by utilizing powerful incentivizing capabilities!

  1. Tiered Rewards: Give different amounts of PassionPens based on different donation level amounts.

  2. Early Bird Rewards: Offer more PassionPens to donors who give earlier in the campaign to get it started quickly.

  3. Limited-Time Rewards: Offer special rewards to donors who give within a specific time frame.

  4. Milestone Rewards: Offer special rewards when specific fundraising milestones are reached.

III. An Excellent Promotional Gift

Unlock the full potential of any gathering with PassionPen!

  1. Giveaways: Give away PassionPens to promote the mission and encourage sharing with visitors, guests, and members.

  2. Referral Program: Implement a referral program for members to earn PassionPens by referring new members or donors and encourage inviting friends and family.

  3. A Promotional Item: Give PassionPens as a promotional item during events like sermon series or community service projects to generate buzz and attract attendance.

  4. Appreciation Gift: Recognize the contributions of church members or volunteers by giving them PassionPens as appreciation gifts.

  5. Trade Shows: Increase mission visibility and recognition by giving PassionPens as promotional items at trade shows and conferences.

IV. Fantastic Social Media Rewards

Expand online presence with a PassionPen social media strategy!

  1. Use in Live Events: Use PassionPens as a giveaway during live events to encourage social media posting.

  2. Social Media Reward: Give away PassionPens on social media by encouraging followers to share a post about the church or cause.

  3. “Thank-You” Gift: Use PassionPens as a “Thank-You” gift by creating specific rules for entry to win on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  4. Social Media Reward: Reward social media engagement by randomly awarding PassionPens to active followers, post likers and commentors.

  5. Social Media Campaigns: Use hashtags in social media campaigns to encourage sharing of PassionPen photos.

  6. Encourage Influencers: Expand reach by encouraging influencers to post pictures or videos of PassionPens.

V. A Unique holiday Gift

Harness the power of PassionPen’s customizable colors and patterns to add festive cheer during Holiday seasons!

  1. Stocking Stuffer: Reward PassionPens during a Holiday fundraiser where the PassionPens are offered as a Christmas stocking stuffer.

  2. Seasonal Sales: Specialized Holiday-themed PassionPens can be sold to raise funds for the church or religious organization during seasons like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

  3. Gift With Purchase: PassionPens can be used as rewards for store purchases during holidays.

  4. Limited Edition Item: Limited edition seasonal PassionPens can be released to create rarity and drive donors to collect them all.

  5. Fundraising Raffle Prize: Use PassionPen as a prize in fundraising raffles during the holiday seasons.

  6. Promote Charitable Giving: PassionPens can be used to promote charitable giving during Christmas by encouraging donations to specific holiday related causes or movements.

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